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Recent posts in the General Discussion forum

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Generality generaleeeee....two years since last post, wooo! <3

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Vasya's picture

Happy Birthday Toast!


Oh shit, someone turned a little 30. How the fuck did the guild BABY turn 30???

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Anyone been to Silvermoon lately? Just got some yuge new high-res monitors, and was thinking of updating the WoW client, firing it up, and poking around the latest WoW-ness a bit.

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Hi :)

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Talious?


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Amaranthian inappropriate content!


Apparently our forums are deemed "pornography" by LAUSD filters. Funny!

Also, hi everyone! I miss u gaiz.

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Chris and Janet and I have been playing this game a bit. It's pretty fun, if you're into co-op multiplayer with space ninjas with guns and enormous hammers.

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Happy Birthday, Nate!

Brambles Everroot

Alive and Well and Living In!

Have a good birthday!

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Hey Everybody!