About Amaranthian

Amaranthian began as a World of Warcraft guild on the Silvermoon realm focused on member involvement and democratic decision making. We had members taking part in every aspect of the game; no particular playing style was the founding focus of the guild.

Our mission and charter provide a community where members can set individual and collective goals and cooperate toward meeting them.

The power structure of Amaranthian differs from most guilds. There are no officers, and the Guild Leader (currently Qyn) acts only to facilitate discussion among the members and implement proposals approved by the guild. Because everyone has an equal voice, frank discourse on proposals and recruitment are the most important responsibility of each member.

This system has attracted a wide spectrum of players who all share the key trait of an Amaranthian: the capability for intelligent, articulate and mature discussion. We work hard to get to know every new initiate during the recruitment process, ensuring that each member feels welcome and fits in with our close-knit community.

In Amaranthian, no members are "carried by the guild," but rather, Amaranthian is carried collectively by the effort and involvement of its members.

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