The Amaranthian Charter

Introduction to Amaranthian
A short introduction concerning what to expect from Amaranthian.
Amaranthian Mission Statement
Creating a stable environment for our Members.
Power Structure of Amaranthian
The power structure of Amaranthian will be one of a single leader and a democratic floor that consists of every member in the guild who will have equal voting power.
Rules of Amaranthian
Amaranthian has a few clear rules that everyone must meet in order to retain membership.
Guidelines of Amaranthian
Certain guildelines exist for the guild to promote communication.
Forums for Change
How can you improve Amaranthian as a Member?
Amendments to the guild charter and the way the guild is run are marked with the date passed.

Introduction to Amaranthian


Amaranthian promotes equal power among Members, with no Member being more powerful than any other. There are no officers. Everything is out in the open for all to see.

Amaranthian Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Amaranthian is a guild dedicated to creating an environment in which every member has an equal voice.

In an effort to keep all communication open to the Members, there will be no officers and no officer chat. The Guild Leader will present actions to the Members for approval before taking said action.


Amaranthian is NOT a raiding guild. It is a social guild built around a democratic structure.

Most Amaranthian members who choose to raid do so via the Fireside raid alliance.

Power Structure of Amaranthian

Guild Leader

The Guild Leader (currently Qyn) will make every and all decisions, based on the input from the guild. No action will be taken without presenting it to the floor for approval. Any action moved for by the Guild Leader can be vetoed by a two thirds counter vote by the members. The Guild Leader can write and submit proposals to be approved by the Members.

Guild Leader elections (Passed 10/24/05)

Voting for Guild Leader and Alternate Guild Leader will be a week-long process. Nominations may be sent to the Current Guild Leader, who will then post them in the voting forum. Once that is done, a nominee has until poll day to accept the nomination. On poll day, the nominees are posted in a poll, and are voted in.

In the case of Guild Leadership changing, the change should happen as soon as possible after the polls close and the winner is determined.

The winner of the election is determined by a simple majority.

There will be an option to vote against all of the nominees. If this option is the “winner”, the elections are considered invalid, and a new election week begins. If this happens three times or more, the guild moves into an “emergency” state, and a full guild meeting is called by the current Guild Leader.

Initiation of the election process happens the immediate week after an office becomes vacant, or when three or more nominations for an alternate office have been filed with the guild leader.

Alternate Guild Leader (Passed 10/10/05)

The Alternate Leader (currently Sumul) will perform any functions which require action by the leader when the Guild Leader is either A) away and not expected to return for more than 72 hours, or B) away unexpectedly for more than 36 hours. At all other times the Alternate Leader has no more (and no less) power and responsibility than any regular guild member. It is the Guild Leader’s responsibility to publicly notify the membership if he or she expects to be unavailable for more than 36 hours. The Alternate Guild Leader will vote normally until such a case when he steps up, in which case he will propose actions to the guild without voting. In addition, the Alternate Guild Leader is only authorized handle emergencies; he is not authorized to shape the direction of the guild.

Acting Guild Leader (Passed 10/24/05)

In the event that the Guild Leader suddenly becomes unavailable, either permanently or to a point where his being a Guild Leader is no longer viable, The Alternate Guild Leader becomes the Acting Guild Leader, and a general election process is called as soon as possible, starting the week immediately following.

The Acting Guild Leader’s powers are limited to only emergencies and calling the election for the new Guild Leader.

Should the Alternate Guild Leader also become unavailable permanently or to a point where he is unable to perform Guild Leader duties, an emergency is called by any member, to ensure that an Acting Guild Leader is elected immediately.

In the case of the Guild Leader leaving in such a way that results in the Guild being disbanded, it falls to the Acting Guild Leader to re-found the guild. In the case of there being no Acting Guild Leader, it falls to any member that was in the guild at the time of the guild’s disbanding.


What The Mediator Does

The mediator (currently Furiouso) should act as a neutral party to whom members can appeal for arbitration in the event of a disagreement. The mediator has no powers other than arbitration.

How to Initiate Mediation

If you have a problem with the behavior with another Member, please consult the Mediator. This can be done in game, through a pm, or by emailing

The Amaranthian Judicial system (passed 2/20/06)

The agreement reached through arbitration is binding only if both parties find it satisfactory. If mediation in unsuccessful, the issue is brought to the guild at large, who will vote on solutions proposed by all sides of the issue, including the mediator’s solution. [a two thirds vote is required to make the resolution binding.] The vote of the guild is the highest court of appeal.

Official titles limited to one (Passed 11/07/05)

Every member of Amaranthian is only allowed to hold one official title at a time.

Official title holders stepping down (Passed 11/21/05)

When an official title-holder steps down, they will report it by posting a resignation notice on the forums.


Members will have equal power to each other. The responsibility of a Member is to be respectful of everyone else in the guild and to make informed decisions regarding the future of the guild.


The initiates are the people that the members are evaluating for membership. Initiates will not partake in votes regarding guild actions or guild rules, although they are free to provide insight.

To become an initiate, you must receive no more than 30% "No" votes, and more than 50% "Yes" votes, however the decision process may be extended for a week if more than 40% of the votes are for "Extend". Here's how it works:

1. There are three options for the initial vote: YES, NO, and EXTEND.

2. If more than 40% of the votes are EXTEND, discussion is extended.

3. Otherwise, if 30% or more of the votes are NO, the candidate is not initiated.

4. Otherwise, if more than 50% of the votes are YES, the candidate is initiated.

5. Otherwise, discussion is extended.

6. If discussion is extended, a second vote is held one week later, with two options: YES and NO.

7. For the second vote:

-- If 30% or more of the votes are NO, the candidate is not initiated.

-- Otherwise, the candidate is initiated.

Inactive Member (passed 3/27/06)

An inactive member is one who has not logged onto their guilded character or posted on the forums in over 1 month. This member would then not count towards quorum for voting.

A member may also request that they be granted inactive status if they know they will be absent and unable to participate in forum discussions for an extended period of time.

Once a member has been inactive for over one month, they are removed from the guild altogether, unless they negotiate otherwise. The member can become active again simply by posting on the forums, or by logging into the game.

Once removed from the guild, the member would have to go through the application process again should they wish to rejoin.

Non-Recruitment Polls

Polls based on proposals and not player applications are passed or blocked via simply Majority rules.

Rules of Amaranthian

Rule 1 - Be Respectful

Do not ever harass or flame another Member or any other player. It will not be tolerated and no one has an interest in listening to ranting/flame wars. If you have a suggestion for guild events, please submit it to the Guild Leader in a mail. If you have a problem with the behavior with another Member, please consult the Mediator.

Rule 2 - Have a Presence in the Forum

You must register in the guild forum. It is highly encouraged that you be active in guild discussions as they affect you and the rest of the guild. The forums are a vital method of communication and taking an interest in your guild is important.

New Rules

As the scope of Amaranthian expands, new rules will be added to accomodate new situations. As the roster grows, it is likely that we will want to have organized raids and will need raid specific rules to handle them. It is not the intent of Amaranthian to restrict its members to any specific type of play, however.

Violation of Rules

The guild rules are not to be broken. There are very few and should not be outside any Member’s comfort zone. There will be a four strike rule which will determine the outcome of broken rules. The first offense will result in a warning and a recomendation to consult the Mediator; the second offense will result in a deguilding action, which can be vetoed if two thirds of the guild votes against said action; the third offense will result in a deguilding action, which can be vetoed if three fourths of the guild votes against said action; the fourth violation will result in a deguilding action without possibility of a veto vote by the Members.

Guidelines of Amaranthian

Secondary Chat Channel

Please be sure to /join amaranthian when you sign in. We will use this channel as a second guild chat. These mods help make private chat channels more usable, and are recommended.

Public Notes

Public guild are not settable by Members. Tradeskills and tradeskill values will be set in the public note in order to provide information to the rest of the guild of whom can use certain recipes/materials and who will be able to provide the construction of different player produced goods.

Forums for Change

Submit a Petition for Change

PM the Guild Leader with your proposed change. If the Guild Leader believes it is a good idea, a motion will be presented to the Member body, at which point the Member body can vote it down. If the Guild Leader does not like the idea, you may resubmit your idea if you have the backing of three other members. The Guild Leader will then reevaluate the idea. At this stage, both the approval and disapproval will require input from the guild. The guild may overrule the Guild Leader’s decision with a two thirds majority vote by the Members.

Members submit proposals (Passed 12/26/05)

Any member of Amaranthian may submit a proposal for the consideration of Amaranthian’s members. The member who submits a proposal may also vote on that proposal. Proposal submission by all members shall be governed by proposal submission guidelines heretofore, erstwhile, and otherwise outlined in the Amaranthian charter.

Monday - Proposal Day (Passed 11/28/05)

Any proposal submitted on Monday still goes up for discussion the same week, and is voted on the following Friday.

Discussion/Voting Timeframe (Passed 10/10/05)

Discussions will be considered complete 1 week after the policy is posted. Final voting for discussions will take place within this week and afterward the issue will be considered closed. For the rare event that 1 week is not enough, a 1 week extention will be available as a ballot option, and will be considered the ‘vote’ if 50% of the guild votes to extend the discussion. This extention option will only be available once per discussion topic.

Voting Quorum (Passed 10/17/05)

A minimum percentage of 35% of the guild must vote on an issue before a proposal may ‘pass’. The members who did not participate in the election are considered to be in agreement with the result of the poll. All the same restrictions for re-submitting proposals apply to a non-voting member as a voting one.

If fewer than the required number of members vote, the poll will be extended by 1 week. If fewer than the required number of members vote again, the Guild Leader will make the decision.

Re-proposals (Passed 12/05/05)

A vote by the guild is considered final if the vote is 75% or more for one side. This means that the losing party cannot resubmit a rule for 2 months. Otherwise, a reworked proposal is allowed to be submitted any time after the poll.

Emergency Action (Passed 10/10/05)

An Emergency is any problem that threatens the integrity of the guild in such a way that the normal discussion/polling process will be insufficient

and/or slow, or making the World of Warcraft environment significantly less fun for the Members of Amaranthian, as determined by the Guild Leader. Emergency actions will be posted for a short discussion/vote. There will be a one or two day period, depending on the severity of the problem, during which discussion and voting can occur. The Guild Leader will post the action he thinks is most reasonable given the circumstances. If 2/3 of the Member body votes against the Guild Leader’s decision, another decision will be reached.

Minor issues and voting (Passed 10/17/05)

If an issue is of a minor enough relevance that it is fully encompassed by the spirit of a previously accepted proposal, it doesn’t need a vote, and can be implemented immediately. It will be documented in full by the guild leader, and If two or more votes against this minor change are cast, the change will be retracted, pending a proper proposal submittal.

Amaspam (Passed 11/21/05)

A mass e-mail is sent out every poll day reminding people to vote.


If you do not like the behavior of the Guild Leader and would like to see him removed from power, you may choose to nominate an alternative Guild Leader. If a Guild Leader is nominated, an election will be held. More than fifty percent of the votes must be for an alternative Guild Leader in order for Guild Leadership to change, so please be aware of this when nominating multiple potential Guild Leaders for a single election. Elections will not be held more than once every thirty days.

Guild disbanding (Passed 10/24/05)

The guild does not disband unless it is unanimously agreed upon. A poll for disbanding the guild will be posted if 10% or more members express their desire to disband the guild to the guild leader.