Any member or group of members can request mediation at any time for any reason. Normally, mediation will be used as a way to resolve conflicts or issues involving members of the guild. To utilize guild mediation, a member or group of members must take the following steps in the order outlined:

  1. If at all possible, the member or group of members must first attempt to resolve the issue directly with the parties involved.
  2. If an attempt at direct resolution is not possible, or if the attempt at direct resolution fails, the member or group of members must then notify the involved parties that the guild mediator (currently Furiouso) will be asked to resolve the issue.
  3. Once all involved parties have been made aware of the initiation of mediation, all involved parties must send the mediator as much information as possible regarding the issue. This is the responsibility of each involved member. This is the time to propose a potential solution to the issue.
  4. The mediator will review the information and proposed solutions. If sufficient information has not been provided to fully represent the interests of each involved party, the mediator will issue a single request for information. This request for information may include specifics provided by any party regarding the issue or conflict.
  5. The mediator will determine a final solution. This solution will be presented to all involved parties for review. If the solution is satisfactory to all involved parties, the issue is closed.
  6. If the solution is not satisfactory to all involved parties, the issue is presented to the guild for a vote. A majority of at least two thirds is required to close the issue through a guild vote.
  7. If the issue persists after the completion of the mediation process, the process is restarted at Step 1. It may be proposed that one or more members are removed from the guild.