So I got a Mac


Hey, I just got a mac mini today. I know there are experienced mac user around, any pointers for a new mac user?

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Go return it and buy a real computer! /troll

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a mac mini? Is that a Canadian Ipad?

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Brambles Everroot

Hrm...It looks like those experienced Mac-Users are away from the forums. Still, best of luck in navigating the comp!

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I had some snarky comments to add but I'll keep them to myself. >_>

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On a somewhat related note, didja hear Apple is bigger than Microsoft now!??!

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Brambles Everroot

I'd blame the fertilizer.

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Yes, snarky comments here as well. :)

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Brambles Everroot

Hey, at least Steam is releasing games for the Mac now! That seems overly like a good thing (although I'm sure there are bad things associated with it as well, eh)


I'm officially hooked on macs now. I accidentally deleted WoW and I just have to reinstall the game. Apparently mac os put the data required to be downloaded for installs somewhere.

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yeah, i love my mac. But I keep a pc partition around for some things. Probably the hardest things for me to get used to were the weird alt-tab system, and the lack of a maximize. And closing things with apple-Q rather than the x. If you have any q's let me know!