Camera Suggestions (former one has broken)

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Brambles Everroot

I recall someone in the guild was a professional photographer, and I'm sure everyone else has pretty decent experience with a various array of cameras. Well, my old Cannon Powershot has been crippled and it seems outdated enough to warrant a gaze over in the direction of something new (although I'd still like to get it fixed as a back-up). I'm looking for a camera along the same lines as this one since I like the compactness of it, the durability of the little bugger, and the various modes and settings it had programmed into it. I know 7.1 mega-pixels is pretty skimpy now and the shots out of ones with double that are noticeably sharper.

What sorts of new cameras would you guys suggest (along the lines of my former camera) as an upgraded version? It's summer and the bugs, birds, and bulbs are out and I'm hoping to get record some of the summer visually.

I'm also wondering how much it would cost to get my old one repaired. It seems like a simple error where the focusing mechanism in it seems to have snapped or become dislodged within the camera. It can still take clean shots at the distance it seems stuck at, but no amount of trying to get it to auto-focus seems to work and I can hear some sort of gears grinding.

Thanks for any advice!

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My last two cameras have been Panasonic Lumix devices which I originally bought because they use Leica lenses/optics but are more affordable than buying Leica cameras. Some day I will own a Leica M series.

My current camera is the discontinued Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35K. You can check out photos I've taken in my gallery linked from this thread.


Panasonic Lumix cameras are incredible little devices. I used to own one till I lost it.

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Brambles Everroot

Ok thanks for the suggestions! I'll take a look at those brands and note them in my memory!

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Thanks, I'm interested in this also. The USB connection on my camera isn't working well and I am also looking for a new one =) I've taken SOOOO many photos since I had Claire.