Gotta get me some cheevos

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I found this article pretty interesting. Some cheevos are great, and some are terrible.....BUT WHY????

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I feel like the ones that happen automatically like "you did the shit in the shit that would've happened regardless, congrats!" are like...thanks, for nothing. The ones that are kinda random, but still happen without you really expecting it are fun. And then there are those that you look at in the list and are like "I'M DOING THAT ONE" and you spend time trying to do it. Sometimes I like those, sometimes not. The second type are the most fun for me, I think. I am a completionist and I will try finish all achievements if I actually decide to look at the list, but once I've done so I'm not really fulfilled..I'm rarely like, TIME WELL SPENT at the end. Goals are all well and good but to what end? (I could go on about this in relation to WoW but it would be a thesis, so I won't).

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I rarely ever pay attention to them. I do however have a good friend that is obsessive compulsive and he will spend a lot more time with nailing every one. It's like a sickness he can't help, thank goodness he only console games bc wow would be too much to handle...

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