GW2 snowflake exploiting...

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Yes, pumping out endless amounts of sought after crafting materials is probably not ideal for the economy. What I don't get is how this sort of thing happens. I mean, what the forge generates is random, except for the specific recipes, right? If people were able to combine the same ingredients with the same results every time, that's not random, which means some dev created the recipe and forgot to remove it or something, hmm? I can't imagine this being a bug.

At any rate, weird.

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Brambles Everroot

That's odd. I still tend to stay away from the mystic forge until I can memorize more of the vital recipes.

Still, exploiters should probably know ANet's stance by now since they've already issued warning against exploitation and have banned people for doing so with a crafting exploit a few months back.

Maybe it was a bug that crawled through the cracks? There still is a rampant bug problem (probably part and parcel for a game made of dynamic events and such), but it sounds like they fixed it pretty quickly.