Should Rew (Fazil, Mazzikin) Be allowed to rebuild the Warframe guild dojo in a way that is less irksome to navigate?

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43% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Yes, and make Qyn a sammich
57% (4 votes)
No, and make Qyn a sammich
0% (0 votes)
We have a Warframe guild?!
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7


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My vote has been recorded.

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If you want to research the new weapons you have to go into the dojo and mess with the controls. Having the 3 (or more?) research modules as close to the door as possible is paramount.

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Brambles Everroot

There's the Tenno-Faction research panel that was due south of the spawn point. (but required a run past everything else). That should be closer to the other three research facilities too!

Also, that Trading kiosk thingy may still be handy, right? Probably easiest to keep it in the starting room?

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Done. The Tenno lab was actually the first I started. The research labs are all down one side, and teleporters will be put in the main hall to get to them even more quickly.

The trading kiosk isn't going anywhere. The treasury kiosk is going in the basement.

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Map o' the new guild dojo!