The Guild Bank: Item Storage or Mass Grave?

DE all the BOEs
33% (1 vote)
Sell any noteworthy BOEs
33% (1 vote)
DE all the BOEs and sell the mats
33% (1 vote)
Total votes: 3


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Yeah I kinda feel the same way, we have a whole tab basically devoted to gear for alts. Most of that stuff can be easily purchased for a few gold on the AH. I say keep the BoE Blues and DE the greens.

What's the status on buying another tab?

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I've used two of the BOEs since the new guild bank was instituted. I think that keeping at least the blues around wouldn't be a bad thing.

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I'm also not voting because you only put up options that are getting rid of BOEs in some way, which I don't agree with. :)


Ok, I agree with you Chris, I could have spent more time thinking about more options. I am sure we can all agree that something has to be done. I mostly wanted to get some discussion and interaction going about this issue.

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I do think that we would benefit from some organization.

For instance, someone put in one netherweave cloth. ONE. A single piece of cloth is taking up a whole slot. Not exactly ideal. >_>

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We're also getting stuff like white(vendor-sold) recipes, as well as other random junk.

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Sorry one of those recipes was me, I thought it was rare. I even went ahead and took the one netherweave cloth for room consolidation. I suggest we have an option where we keep BOE Blues, and axe BOE greens (DE preferably). I would like to see also getting rid of old books that are no longer used due to better alternatives.

As for status for another tab, donations are accepted. I know I bought the last tab out right for the guild.

This is a no vote for me, not enough options