Before you read any further: check out our charter and learn about Amaranthian. Know it, love it, understand it, and make sure it is right for you. We take our charter, its ideals and its requirements very seriously, and if you are not prepared to do so as well, Amaranthian is not for you.

The Application

First, a point of clarification for prospective applicants: Amaranthian is NOT a raiding guild. Most Amaranthian members who choose to raid do so via the Fireside raid alliance.

So you've read the Charter and all about us and you're madly in love with it. You also understand that we are not a raiding guild despite our server ranking and what gear our current members might be wearing. Outstanding! Below is the application; answer these six questions and email your answers to

  1. What interests you in Amaranthian?
  2. Do you know any members of Amaranthian? If so, who?
  3. Have you been in a guild before? If so, why did you leave?
  4. Are you over the age of 18 (not a requirement)?
  5. Tell us about your character(s):
  6. Any other information that you would like us to know that may affect your time with us. Do you work nights and play during the day? Do you have a job that will require you to take off from the game for weeks at a time? Have you previously or do you plan at some point in the future to have intimate relations with Vasya's mom? The more you share, the better the guild will be able to know you!

After you've sent in your application you must also register on the forums (preferably under the name of your main character, but not required) and post an introduction thread in the General Discussion Forum.

Your intro thread is where members will have the chance to talk to you directly (and publicly) and ask any questions that they might have as well as your chance to raise any questions or concerns that you may have. This thread does not need to contain your application as that will be posted by the admininistrators in a members only recruitment area for guild discussion during your recruitment period.

What Happens Next - Initiation

Upon receipt, your application will be added to our application queue, and addressed in the order it was received. We consider two applicants at a time for initiation into Amaranthian, with new applications being posted on Mondays.

Once you're given Initiate status, you are invited to the guild, giving you the guild tag and access to guild chat. However, an initiate does not yet give you full membership privileges in Parliament, where we vote on guild policies and membership.


Initiate status can last up to three weeks without a vote or other action. It is important that you get to know the members because during those three weeks, if any member feels that you should be promoted, they can propose your membership. This is done like any other proposal, and discussion/voting would begin the Monday after the proposal is made.

If selected for membership, congratulations! Your guild rank will be changed accordingly and you will have full board permissions and voting rights in Parliament.

If at any point you are unclear or uncertain about an aspect of Amaranthian, be it on your status in the guild, what to do next, or anything at all, contact any guild member in game or by using the board's Private Message function, and we'll be sure that you get your questions answered. The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked, particularly if it leads to you misunderstanding the guild or us not getting to know you and missing out on a great potential member.

Membership in 60 seconds
An example of an applicant becoming a member


Friday the 1st: Application submitted, there are no applications in queue, application is posted for member discussion on Monday the 4th.

The vote for initiation takes place after one week of discussion. Members have three options when voting: yes, no, and extend discussion. Discussion may be extended once, to add an additional week. This is generally used for applicants who do not get a chance to play much with guild members during their discussion period, and people want to get to know you better before voting.

To become an initiate, you must receive no more than 30% "No" votes, and more than 50% "Yes" votes. Thus, if you get more than 30% "No" votes but more than 50% "Yes" votes, you will still not be accepted. The discussion will be extended if neither threshold is reached, or if more than 40% of the votes are to extend the discussion, regardless of the percentage of "Yes" and "No" votes.

Friday the 8th voting begins. Voting closes the night of Sunday the 10th.

Initiation is two weeks. (Monday the 11th – Friday the 22nd)


Voting for membership starts Friday the 22nd and closes the night of Sunday the 24th.

Voting for membership is identical to voting for initiation, with one exception; the threshold of "no" votes is dropped to 20% rather than 30%. Again, discussion can be extended one time, for one week, if members are not yet sure. Consider that, if done at the absolute last moment, this means your membership status may not be finally decided for a full month after you become an initiate. Please keep this in mind when joining, if your priority is to become a full member in a quick period of time.